DIN is a unique Director identification number allotted by the Central Government to any person intending to be a Director or an existing director of a company.

The user is required to get himself / herself registered on the MCA21 Portal to obtain Login ID. Login to the MCA21 portal and click on ‘eForm upload’ link available under the ‘e-Forms’ tab for uploading the eForm DIR- 3. eForm DIR-3 will be processed only after the DIN application fee is paid.

Following documents of all the director will be required:

a. PAN Card (Self Attested)

b. Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID (any one) (Self Attested)

c. Duration of stay at present address (in years and months)

d. Latest Bank Statement (Self Attested)

e. Passport size Photo

f. Digital Signature

g. Educational Qualification

h. Occupation

i. Place of birth

j. Mail ID

k. Mobile No.

For Director Identification Number Call Us 07877351246