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Mutual divorce, as the name suggests, happens when both parties agree to be peacefully divorced. The conditions prescribed by section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act are that the husband and wife should live separately for atleast one year, which decides that they can not live together, and that both husband and wife accept that the marriage has collapsed altogether.

A Divorce with Mutual Consent is a relatively swift process in court; however, divorce may not be granted instantly. After filing for divorce, the court may ask the couple to reconcile their differences over six months and make the marriage work. Depending on the circumstances, this period may be reduced. If either party is overseas, the proceedings may be completed using video-conferencing software as well.

Procedure for Mutual Divorce

Filing a Petition

We will connect you to lawyers, who will file a petition in court containing a joint statement by both parties that, due to their irreconcilable differences, they can no longer stay together and should be granted a divorce by the court.

Second Motion Petition

After six months, the Second Motion Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce should be filed by the couple and they must re-appear in court.

Divorce Decree

After hearing from the husband and wife, if the judge is satisfied that all the necessary grounds and requirements for the divorce have been met, the couple is granted a mutual divorce decree.

Document Required for Divorce by mutual consent

1.Address Proof Of husband or wife

2.Marriage Certificate

3.Four Passport size picture of husband and wife

4.Evidence proving spouses are living separately since more than a year

5.Evidence relating to failed attempt of reconciliation

6.Income tax statement of spouse last 3 years

7.Details of remuneration and salary of spouse

8. Information relating to family background

9.Details of Properties owned by spouse

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