A change of name is not as simple as it looks, though we’ve broken down the process into a simple article to give you details about how to go about changing your name. Name Change is done by users for personal, spiritual and professional reasons, We help individuals to legally change their name.

Name Change Procedure in India – A Detailed Process

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We Create the Name Change Affidavit

The first step is to select a new name. Once the name is shortlisted, the next step would be to make a Name Change Affidavit that is best done with the help of a lawyer. An affidavit has to be made on a stamp paper. The affidavit must have details of your old name, new name, the reason for the name change (marriage, legal, numerological, etc) and the address. The name change affidavit has to be signed by two witnesses and gazetted officer rank along with their stamp.

Placing Advertisement

We will place an ad in the national newspaper for your name change. Those who are married women, they should also mention the name of their husband and the permanent address in the notification

Gazette Procedure

After an initial name change application is submitted, your name has to be published in the National Gazette. We will track the publication daily. Once the publication is done, we will send you the Gazette copy with the details of the publication page.

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