A Sale Agreement is an agreement between a buyer and a seller of Property, land, vehicle and other assets.

The person, company, or other legal entity acquiring, receiving, and purchasing the property, Land, Vehicle, stock, or other assets is referred to as the buyer and the entity disposing, conveying, and selling the assets is referred to as the seller. A Sale Agreement sets out the various rights and obligations of both the buyer and seller, and might also require other documents be executed and recorded in the public records, such as an assignment, deed of trust and dispose of liability.

In Rajasthan Sale Agreement is basic need for any sale purchase transaction.

we make any type of sale agreement like car sale agreement, bike sale agreement, and other vehicle sale agreement and land and property sale agreement and deliver at your door step.

Process to make Sale Agreement in Rajasthan:-

Step 1 Purchase a stamp of Rupees 500/-

Step 2 Draft a Sale agreement in which all term and condition are included in it.

Step 3 Print it on Stamp and sign it by Seller, Buyer and witness

Step 4 Notarized it by a Notary Public

All this work consumes lots of time so we will do it for u and deliver it at your door step.

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